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CARDIA Heart Recirculation Medical Center
Cardia Heart Recirculation Medical Center, the only independent Enhanced External first
treatment center in Walnut Creek on June 3, 2003.  This center, now located in nearby
Concord, is the only independent, free-standing EECP treatment center in the East Bay.

EECP is a non-invasive treatment for qualified patients suffering from angina and/or
congestive heart failure. The treatment is delivered by a trained technician to patients while
lying flat on a specially designed table. During each treatment, the patient is connected to a
sophisticated monitor by a simple electrode. Cuffs attached to the patients’ calves, lower
thighs and upper thighs are sequentially compressed while the heart is at rest (diastole)
forcing a profusion of blood into the heart and rapidly released when the heart beats
(systole) allowing the blood to circulate back into the legs. The treatment regimen consists
of thirty-five, one hour treatments, delivered on weekdays for seven consecutive weeks.

EECP supplements other heart therapies. It is FDA-approved and covered by Medicare and
all major insurers, including Kaiser Permanente.

Are You a Candidate?
Find out if you are a candidate for this remarkable therapy
by scheduling a
free evaluation. EECP is even effective
for people who have had angioplasty or heart bypass
surgery, or for people who want to avoid the discomfort and
lengthy recuperation of invasive procedures. Your physician
or our medical director will review your history and determine
if EECP is right for you. EECP therapy is covered, in most
cases, by Medicare and insurance companies.

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