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Dr. John Toth
    Dr. John Toth is a conventional doctor who
    follows conventional standards. But, Dr. Toth
    believes that too often medications are
    prescribed to cover up symptoms, leaving the
    real cause of the problem unanswered.  With
    additional training in integrative and alternative
    medicine, Dr. Toth has insights into other
    potential causes of illness — causes that will
    most likely not be addressed by a traditional

    Advanced Intergrative Medicine is a practice
    designed to solve your health issues, rather
    than cover up or just treat the symptoms. For
    more than 20 years we have offered an
    integrative approach to medicine, blending the
    best of conventional and natural treatments
    clinical treatments for our patients.

    There are breakthroughs in medicine virtually
    every day in conventional, natural and
    alternative medicine that promise better, more
    effective treatment. Healthcare is a constant
    learning process, and difficult for the average
    person to keep up with and decipher. Here we
    help cut through the clutter and conflicting
    information to bring you healthcare news we
    think is particularly important.
John Toth, D.O.
Services & Treatments          
It would be difficult to find another Medical Office in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers the following services
and treatments:

  •    Family Practice
  •    Environmental Medicine
  •    Homeopathic Allergy
  •    IV Nutrition
  •    EECP
  •    IV Chelation
  •    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
  •    Orthomolecular Medicine
  •    Autism - Biomedical treatment
  •    Lyme Disease & co-infections
  •    Natural Thyroid Evaluation
  • Diabetes Management
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Prolotherapy
  • Neurotoxic Mold Evaluation
  • Nutritional Alternatives to Drugs
  • Nutritional Support for Cancer
  • Nutritional Alternatives for Hypertension
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Detoxification Management
  • Pilot License Physicals